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A Trumpeter's Lullaby
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This is a community for dedicated Trumpeter's and any other dedicated, serious musicians for that matter. Anyone who's anybody can join if you have any questions please e-mail either of the maintainers... at the following addresses: mrclarksmullet@yahoo.com, or chelsea at sweetart59@hotmail.com. we would also like you to fill out a survey just so we can get better acquianted.

Here's the rules:

Applicants: Only comment or post once you've been accepted, accept for on your own application. Please don't mess with the tags; we've made it so we can read it easily and you don't have to do anything. Be thorough with your answers. Don't be caddy or rude to other members; that's an automatic rejection. Once you've posted, your not allowed to change anything. And be sure to use an LJ cut (check the FAQS if you don't know how or what I'm talking about). Thanks.

Members: Try not to dish out harsh critisism unless they absolutely deserve it. Give them good feedback; no one work answers and nothing like "you just piss me off". Most of all, judge the person on their musicianship. Be honest but be just. Thanks.


instrument(s) and years on it/them:
music groups your involved in:

favorite composers/musicians/bands/artists:
favorite songs:
what's the best concert you've ever been to and why:
favorite key/time signature and why:
favorite style of music to play/listen and why:
what musical person(s) is a role model for you and why:

what is your motto?:
what is your favorite movie soundtrack and why:

how are you a dedicated, loyal, and serious musician?:

is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?:

pictures of yourself are optional, but if you would like to post some no more than 3 please

thanks and good luck.