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11/13/05 09:29 pm - alyxai

Super! two people. yay. how is everyone?

10/21/05 08:14 pm - alyxai

I have three students, possibly four!! so happy.

I do it for free though, but sometimes they give me girfts......

Clarinet named Max, 7th grade and I also babysit his younger brothers(2yrs and 10 months)

Bass guitar also names Max, also 7th grade (best friends little brother)

Maria on Trumpet, 5th grade, jsut beginning

And possibly Lesley on guitar.

I'm so accomplished.

I turn 14 in 2 weeks!! I'm like the youngest freshman at my school, and teh youngest one and only freshman in wind and jazz bands for that matter.

They were making fun of this senior Jimmy (piano in jazz, percussion in wind) because he's supposedly retarded when it comes to women and Mr. Eveland and the people up front (flutes, clarinets) were talking and suddenly he yells back "Does Jimmy hit on you??" So I say "umm, yeah I'm always getting molested by Jimmy?"

I was so fucking confuesed.

crossposted at thesaxalliance __musiclover and trumpet_is_love which is my new community if anyone's interested.....please join!!!

10/20/05 11:16 pm - alyxai

By the way, I'm just going to let the first couple of people in. It'd be nice if you'd fill out an app. though, just so I know what's going on, but if you don't want to take the time that's okay. Anyone's welcome!

10/20/05 11:13 pm - alyxai

My own/first community!!! Brand new!!!! Gotta get people to join. I'll see what happens in the next couple of days...........Join people!!! You know you want to!
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